Designer Media

  • Bisi Summer for Melbourne Fashion August 27 2010
  • Versatile and vibrant designs inspired by local botanic art define the new bisi summer range from Western Australia, making its debut at Fashion Exposed Expo Melbourne this month. The collection of flattering designs for women is distinguished by brightly

  • Samita designs for Deidaa August 1 2010
  • ‘Deidaa’ offers a range of garments, bags, shawls and scarves. ‘We research continuously and travel extensively to create ranges that blend fashion forecasts with artisan crafts. Accent is on natural fabrics, handcrafting and traditional techniques’, says

  • Tutti and Paul Benett, Handbag Designers for 2T Designs July 1 2010
  • While we relish the opportunity to put our own two cents in and eagerly forecast everything from the weather to the future, our conviction often falters when it comes to putting our predictions in cold, hard print. So you may be surprised to see it writte

  • Faye Maramara for Paro Paro June 1 2010
  • Faye Maramara is the principle designer and owner of Paro Paro and draws inspiration from ancient and contemporary cultures of art and expression. Faye is always on the lookout for unique concepts and is inspired by natural encounters of everyday life. In

  • Betty Sugar Fashion Launch and Invitation May 19 2009
  • Local upcoming WA based designer Betty Sugar, will be debuting her tantalising, one of a kind designs, at her fashion launch this season. Her designs will be presented on the 5th June 2009, at the Skatt Salon, Northbridge WA, 6003 commencing at 6.30 pm to

  • The Beauty is in the Design December 7 2005
  • designedge – belmont is an oasis of designer talent and product. The store is decorated in a simple black and white theme that is careful not to put forward a specific attitude or intention and allows customers of all ages and styles to walk comfortably t

  • Designs on the Edge April 26 2005
  • The TCFWA is known for its seemingly endless energy and source of ideas. The latest good idea from this bunch is designedge – belmont.

  • Belmont Celebrates Innovation April 19 2005
  • Belmont BEC and Textile Clothing Footwear Resource Centre of Western Australia Inc. (TCFWA) plan to celebrate the WA Innovation Festival by co-ordinating a vast array of exciting and practical events staged to assist designers and inventors from across th

  • Online Tools for Fashion September 1 2003
  • Challenger TAFE is an epicenter of fashion training in Western Australia and offers Certificate 111 of Clothing Production followed by Certificate 1V Clothing Production to up and coming fashion entrepreneurs. These certificates may be completed on a full