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Link with TCF ASIA Trade Exhibitions, Agents, Buyers, Retailers, Media Online Sales Portals, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Supply Chains, Sustainable Sourcing, Certification, Accreditation

TCF ACCESS ASIA Project will showcase new sales and export opportunities across Asia; new supply chain linkages in Asia for Western Australian businesses operating in the creative, apparel, fashion, textile, clothing, footwear, leather (TCFL) industries. The TCF Access Asia project will uncover opportunities for WA businesses to participate in Asian fashion trade exhibitions (live or online); digital online sales / showroom platforms b2b and b2c; link with agents, distributors, retail buyers, fashion media; TCF Industry associations, trade councils and TCF Govt departments; Uncover linkages for WA firms to establish new supply chains, value add their production and/or develop business collaborations within the Asian region; source suppliers, accreditation, inspection, certification services; sustainable and ethical fashion suppliers. A range of Online Webinars and Forums will be developed to  showcase opportunities uncovered.

TCF ACCESS ASIA Project will include TCF trade sectors in Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand,  Vietnam and Western Australia.

TCFL Industry includes those operating in the fashion, textile, clothing, footwear, leather, accessories, creatives and related TCFL industry sectors and supporting services.

Bridal Wear, Baby Wear, Boy’s Wear, Blinds, Awnings, Beading, Automotive, Children’s Wear, Caps, Curtains,  Carpets, Corporate Wear, Canvas, Activewear, Designer Fashion, Designers, Collars, Cushions, Belts, Boots, Banners, Footwear, Equestrian, Furnishings, Eveningwear, Embroidery, Cloth Rags, Intimate Apparel, Interior Textiles, Health, Grading, Girlswear, Dancewear, Leather, Luggage, Handbags, Felts, Knitwear, Homewares, Hats, Flags, Defence Industries, Millinery, Maternity, Lifejackets, Lace, Industrial Textiles, Insulation, Menswear, Manufacturers CMT, Marine, Mattresses, Paper Machine Clothing, Rugs, Ropes, Pet Accessories, Patternmaking, Tanneries, Non- Woven Textiles, Sporting Wear, Socks, Skins, Seat Belts, Schoolwear, Ski Wear, Saddlery, Swimwear, Surfwear, Soft Toys, Safety, Sails, Sandals, Tablecloths, Sleepwear, Textiles, Fibres, Towels, Tents, Sportswear, Tourist Souvenirs, Textile Artists, Women’s Wear, Wallets, Wool, Wetsuits, Workwear, Uniforms, Underwear, Yarns.

TCF ACCESS ASIA Project is supported by Access Asia Business Grants program, Government of Western Australia,  Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation, Textile Clothing Footwear Resource Centre of WA Inc. (TCFWA), TCF Australia, TCF Global, MY Fashion Incubator, Belmont BEC Inc., Fortix, supporters and volunteers.  E| [email protected]   P| +61 894793777 Textile Clothing Footwear Resource Centre of WA Inc. (TCFWA) PO Box 370, Cloverdale, 6985 Western Australia