Establishing Your Label In The USA


Careful planning with a solid foundation to reach your company’s goal

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Discover what you need to plan, build and establish your label in the USA. Whether you want to understand the US market or find out the important documents you will need, this webinar will provide key information to support your company’s goal for the USA.
<h3>Topics covered will include:</h3>
<li>Who you need on your team</li>
<li>Advice on fit, merchandising and costing</li>
<li>Build and protect your brand</li>
<li>US legal requirements</li>
<li>Relationship cultural differences</li>
<li>Keeping up with social media and technology</li>
The product includes 1 MP4 webinar and 1 PDF file. The items may be viewed/downloaded up to a maximum of 2 times within 7 days of your purchase. The webinar is viewable online from the comfort of your home or office.

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